Share: YourNo1Home Vacuum Storage Bags, Save 80% on Clothes Storage Space – Vacuum Sealer Bags for Blankets, Bedding, Clothing Space Saver – Compression Seal for Closet Storage – Pump for Travel (80 x 100)


YourNo1Home Vacuum Storage Bags, Save 80% on Clothes Storage Space – Vacuum Sealer Bags for Blankets, Bedding, Clothing Space Saver – Compression Seal for Closet Storage – Pump for Travel (80 x 100)

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The Vacuum Storage Bags by YourNo1Home are the perfect solution to tidy and organise your wardrobes, cupboards and drawers. The vacuum bags for storage will reduce the volume of items by 80%. Theyfre also airtight and waterproof.

When you run out of space or want to store winter quilts and bedding away during the warmer months, these compression packing bags are a great solution to compress your items. The reusable vacuum seal bags are stackable and easy to organise.

Need more room in the car or suitcases? Using these storage bags will make it easier to pack essentials and give you space for extras. And if you donft have access to power to use a vacuum cleaner, keep the travel pump handy to use with the vacuum sealed bags anywhere, anytime.

These vacuum seal storage bags are airtight and will protect your clothing and bedding items from mildew, moisture, odours and insects. The clothes organizer bags are also beneficial when moving home or putting items into storage. No pesky moths or dangerous mould ruining your clothes.

Available in 5 versatile sizes, each pack contains 4 storage bags and a free hand pump:
– Small 40x60cm: 6-8 sweaters
– Medium 50x70cm: 8-10 sweaters
– Large 60x80cm: 10-12 sweaters or 1 pillow
– X-Large 70x100cm: 10-12 jumpers or 2 pillows
– Jumbo 80x100cm: 4 pillows or 1 queen bedding set

To use:
1. Open bag gently (pull zipper apart)
2. Place items in bag (donft overfill)
3. Seal bag using the clip
4. Open valve cap
5. Insert vacuum cleaner nozzle in the valve and turn on
6. Turn off vacuum cleaner when the bag stops shrinking
7. Pull out nozzle and quickly replace the valve cap

NOTE: down pillows and comforters should only be compressed to 50%

YourNo1Home is Australian owned and focused on providing quality storage solutions for Aussie homes.

  • REUSABLE VACUUM STORAGE BAGS: Available in 5 sizes, our 4-pack storage bags are easy to use – all you need is a vacuum cleaner or the free travel hand pump (included). Each space saver bag is waterproof and leakproof. It comes with a double-zip seal and triple-seal turbo valve to keep air out and protect your clothes and bedding from insects, mildew, moisture, and odours
  • DECLUTTER SOLUTION FOR WARDROBES: Can’t part with your clothes and running out of space? Do you have baby clothes you want to store for the future? Decluttering doesn’t mean you have to get rid of anything – simply make space by using these vacuum storage bags for clothes (out-of-season) and bedding to get more wardrobe and cupboard space. With a reduction of up to 80% volume, it’s the easy clothes organizer solution to pack away items you won’t use for a while
  • ESSENTIAL TRAVEL ACCESSORIES: Going camping and need more room to store bedding and clothing in the car? Or are you going away on a holiday and can’t fit all your clothes in the suitcases? Using these space saver bags for travel to remove the air from your clothes and bedding will give you up to 80% of volume back. No more sitting on a suitcase to close it! When you’re away with limited access to power, use the hand pump instead to repack and store your clothes for easy transportation
  • COMPRESS AND STORE BULKY ITEMS: Bulky winter bedding like quilts, comforters, and extra pillows take up a lot of space in cupboards. By using these space saver vacuum storage bags to store and stack the bedding, you’ll be able to keep your cupboards tidy, uncluttered and organised. The convenient compression bags solution for every home
  • DURABLE: The clothing storage bags are made of high-quality PA and PE material and are 70 microns thick. They’re durable and strong and can be used multiple times. The valve has been designed to work with all types of household vacuum cleaners
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